As you can imagine, there is more to moving out in Japan than simply packing up and leaving. There is a specific procedure and we are here to break it down.

Move out procedure:

Submit a written notice 

Before moving out, the tenant will be required to submit a written notice of the intended move out date. This notice typically needs to be submitted one month before the intended move out date, although we recommend confirming with your contract to be sure. For our company, we just ask our tenants to come into the store and fill out a half sheet form which takes less than 5 minutes. 

Schedule a move out inspection

When you submit your written notice be prepared to have a day in mind when you will be available to have your room checked for damages. This room inspection will determine how much of the tenants security deposit will be returned.

Ideally, the tenant should have all personal items removed from the property by the time of the inspection.

Cancel Utilities

Once you have your move out date finalized it is time to call and schedule a cancelation of your water, electricity and gas. The phone number of these companies can be found on your contract. If staying in the country it is recommended to cancel or transfer utilities to the next address at least 3 business days before but if moving overseas we recommend 2 weeks before to arrange last payments with each company.

Insurance refund

If the tenant moves out with time still remaining on housing insurance that was paid for, it is important to note that the money will be refunded. Please speak with your real estate agent to determine how the money will be received. As with utilities, if moving overseas, it is recommended to arrange the cancellation of this at least 2-3 weeks before moving out to make sure there is enough time to get the refund you may receive for the remainder of the insurance term not being used. 

Getting rid of stuff

Logistically, this is the tricky part with big decisions to me made. Which items will be disposed of, given away, sold, sent home (for those leaving the country) or packed up.

For selling items other than blasting it on social media, we recommend posting on local classified sites.

If you need to dispose of large items you will have to book an appointment with your city’s garbage collection center to have your large items picked up. 

We hope this helps! If you are looking for an apartment or house in the Hiroshima or Okayama area please contact us. We offer full English, Spanish, Vietnamese and Chinese support!

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