–We can help you enjoy your life in Japan.–

This is my job

I am from Nepal and I just finished a 3 month in-store training and now I’m working with the international sales team helping customers in Japanese, English, Indian and Nepalese! I am entrusted to serve customers, and if a contract is signed, I make the contract documents and so on. I also post information about popular properties on social sites, etc.

The reason why I chose this company

The reason is because I can help foreigners like me find a room in Japan without any trouble and enjoy their life in Japan.

The biggest mistake I can tell you now

In the beginning of my training at the store, it was hard for me to ask a second time what I had learned from my senior staff, and I failed to understand things sometimes. I improved on that and now I am enjoying working with everyone and asking questions when I don’t understand something. I recommend that everyone consult with their co-workers and supervisors about what you don’t understand, no matter how many times you ask to see that the end results are always the best outcome.

Job Hunting Advice from me

Life is about learning from your mistakes. Don’t give up and do your best.


Our Real Estate agency here helps foreigners find apartments in Hiroshima and Okayama. Reach out to our staff who can speak English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Nepalese and Spanish if looking for a place at ryowainternational@ryowahouse.co.jp.