–Diversity is excellent. It’s good to be able to serve foreigners, and language skills are also useful.–

This is my job

Hello! I am from China and help foreigner residents find rooms. I speak Japanese, Chinese, English and some Korean.

The reason why I chose this company

The main reason is that this company has great diversity, we can serve foreigners, and my language skills are useful!

The biggest mistake I can tell you now

When I was job hunting, I was so nervous that I didn’t use honorifics during the interview…!

Job hunting advice from me

I don’t have any regrets, be brave and look for a job you love!


Our Real Estate agency here helps foreigners find apartments in Hiroshima and Okayama. Reach out to our staff who can speak English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Nepalese and Spanish if looking for a place at ryowainternational@ryowahouse.co.jp.