–We have a place where foreigners can take the first step without anxiety and I have an opportunity to make use of my skills.–

This is my job

Hi everyone. I was born in Japan, but am from a Chinese family. I can speak Chinese and Japanese. I help look for accommodation that pleases both foreign and Japanese people.

The reason why I chose this company

I wanted to join this company because I would like to help people take the important first step in providing food, clothing, and housing so that Hiroshima will be filled with happy people, and because I thought that Ryowa House would provide a place where people from overseas who are coming to Japan can take move here without anxiety.

The biggest mistake I can tell you now

My other job searches did not go well, but I luckily received an offer from Ryowa House, which I was very interested in and made me feel strongly about the opportunity to assist foreigners with their living situations.

Job Hunting Advice from me

You may be able to see what kind of company is right for you by actually visiting the company. I recommend that you actually visit the companies that you can. Action can be very important in everything we do in life.


Our Real Estate agency here helps foreigners find apartments in Hiroshima and Okayama. Reach out to our staff who can speak English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Nepalese and Spanish if looking for a place at ryowainternational@ryowahouse.co.jp.