Here are my favorite top 5 areas in Hiroshima I would live in and why.

This was written for 1-2 persons on a budget looking for convenience in Hiroshima.

5) Kamihatchobori

 This location is great if you have to get outside of the city and make it over to the Hiroshima Station JR Line. Some affordable spots we manage here and you can still have great transportation access. Being closer to the main station though it is harder to find cheaper supermarkets.

4) Nakahiro

Super popular place for foreigners to live as the rent is cheap. The reason for rent being cheap is the stigma of it being a bad part of town after the war (we are talking 70+ years ago), which to us expats means nothing if we have convenience and cheap rent. The buildings are a bit older and sometimes without elevators though so you might have a hard time finding a brand new place, but we think as an expat it is definitely deserving of the number 4 spot as we don’t care so much about image. 🙂

3) Tsurumicho

 Just off off the southeast side of Peace Boulevard you are very close to the restaurant and nightlife part of Hiroshima and still semi-affordable. We even promote DIY properties in this area if you are feeling you want to be a DIY adventurist.  It is more residential though and it is probably a 7 minute walk to the nearest convenience store or supermarket. (not far though right?!)

2) Dobashi

Dobashi is the best bang for your buck when it comes to location, price as it is just west of the Peace Park and I just LOVE the feel of the community there. Tons of local restaurants and niche places/venues while still having that not too DOWNTOWN feeling, yet it is in the Naka (central) Ward.  Access to street trains and buses, this spot is worthy of this number 2 spot. 

1) Hirose Kita

  Hirose Kita is in the naka (central) ward and has some of our cheapest properties which makes it a stellar place to live.  It’s just south of the Yokogawa area and so access to the JR trains and buses is good and you have a street train that goes right into the city. You can get downtown in 10-15 minutes by bicycle! Fantastic. Very deserving of the number 1 spot! 

What is your favorite place to live in Hiroshima city? We had a hard time picking only 5.  Let us know in the comments.

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